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Amber for pets? How does amber work for pets and dogs. Its the perfect crown for your family dog. Amber has long been used by people who know the properties of Baltic Amber and want their pets to benefit as well. These are our dogs, Forest and Bindi. Forest is a 7 year old black shitzu poodle who had his foot amputated 12 months ago after on going knee and ligament issues, the vet informed us amputation was the best option for his on going well being. After a few days of intense medication and rehab he start to hop about, slowly but surely. A month had passed and he was definitely in less pain with out his leg than he was with is in such bad shape. It is then I made him his own amber collar. The difference it has on him he cannot tell me, but I can see from his demeanour that he likes to wear it, even though he hates normal collars.

Amber may assist in a few ways

  • Amber has been noted to assist in issues where an anti inflammatory effect is beneficial.
  • The shape of the amber against the fur is said to create a static which may be undesirable to fleas and ticks
  • The natural aroma of Baltic amber is said to help create an undesirable area for fleas and ticks

These are sold loose with certificate of authenticity. The amber in these collars are thick and chunky, and are priced according to weight due to the high cost of amber per kilo.